August Chairman’s Message

Once again, major organizations are finding our cause worthy of podium time! I was very excited and honored to accept an invitation to speak at the 2017 Hospital and Health Systems of Pennsylvania’s (HAP) Annual Patient Safety and Quality Symposium at the Lancaster, PA October 9 – 10 (I will be doing a break out on the 10th).

As consumers of health care, we need to get “mad as hell” and tell our Providers we are not going to take it any more (Direct Human Observation that is). It is an outrage that technology exists that will prevent harm and save lives yet most hospitals still fall back on the “gold” (fool’s gold that is if you ask me) standard of DO.

We have a collective vision of the day when:

·        Hand Hygiene Rates Are Reported Nationwide as measured with an electronic, validated system proven capable of 24/7/365 capture of all hand hygiene behavior.

·        And that “Secret Shoppers” be banned unless they intervene when they observe lack of HH compliance (no longer acceptable for measurement)

We will use our Podium time to educate on the science and evidence and hopefully see the standards and guidelines change in the near future so our loved ones are no longer at risk.

If you are a PA based facility, please come!