February Chairman’s Message

Honored and excited to be leading the Hand Hygiene Breakout/Workshop at the Patient Safety Movement Foundation 6th Annual World Patient Safety Science and Technology Summit in London this Sunday, February 25th at 9 AM local time. We will be using the PSMF Actionable Patient Safety Solution (APSS) for Hand Hygiene as Framework and Guideline to help attendees create a road map for their organization to drive sustainable improvement in hand hygiene performance thus reducing the risk of avoidable HAIs and their associated suffering and costs. Recent evidence proves that it takes three essential elements to ensure proper hand hygiene becomes a habit for all: accurate and reliable measurement using electronic compliance systems (NOT direct observation); timely & actionable feedback to unit leadership and front line staff and top down leadership support of culture change and psychological safety. The hand hygiene breakout is a must for any professional that values hand hygiene compliance as a key performance indicator of patient safety and quality healthcare. Attendees will also be encouraged to share their own personal experience, journey and stories and provide input into the next version of the APSS. Hope to see you there!