So happy to see that the HSAG HIIN (Hospital Improvement Innovation Network) is promoting the work of EHCO (www.EHCOhealth.org) via the Pacing Event we did for CMS/CMMI and the Partnership for Patients on their web site. Quoting from their web site: Summary from 5/25 Pacing Event: “Hand Hygiene Compliance and HAI Reductions”: As HIINs and hospitals work to reduce hospital-acquired infection rates, the importance of hand hygiene as a cross-cutting intervention continues to be highlighted. This Pacing Event discussed ideas and resources to electronically monitor providers’ hand hygiene behaviors as a way to improve compliance, reduce infections, and decrease hospital costs. Details regarding the over-estimation of appropriate handwashing among caregivers, the great results achieved as a result of improvements in this basic behavior, and linkages to the WHO Five Moments for Hand Hygiene was shared. Read more about Hand Hygiene and HAI Reductions via Electronic Monitoring here