October Chairman’s Message

In speaking at the Hospital and Health Systems Association of Pennsylvania’s (HAP) Patient Safety and Quality Symposium https://www.haponline.org/Event-Details/id/189 in Lancaster PA on October 10 with Connie Steed of the Greenville Health System, Greenville, SC and also at the State of Indiana APIC Annual Meeting on October 13, it occurred to me that the dialogue needs to shift more rapidly when it comes to how seriously hospital leaders need to take the Hand Hygiene problem as something that needs solving NOW. I was surprised how few attendees raised their hand when it come to investigating or using electronic monitoring when EVERYONE raised their hand when it came to “not believing” their hand hygiene Direct Observation data. This is a huge disconnect that impacts patients and hospital economics.
We cannot wait for more studies or evidence as the jury is IN when it comes to knowing with absolute certainty that Direct Observation with secret shoppers is unethical in addition to inaccurate and unreliable. And more senior leaders need to take swift action.

You have to know the real compliance number in order to drive authentic improvement otherwise you are just driving, as Elaine Larson has stated, a “vicious cycle of pseudo-improvement.”

So then what is the solution? – Electronic Monitoring of 100% of HH events is the only way to get there and we at EHCO take pride in our ability to deliver the facts to your organization in an un biased fashion.  

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