Fatality Fact:

Every year in the US, more than 700,000 patients contract an avoidable infection known as a Healthcare-associated infection (HAI), and of those 75,000 will die.1

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Hand Hygiene Fact:

Proper hand hygiene is the best way to prevent Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), yet compliance with hand hygiene guidelines is less than 50% globally.2

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Compliance Myth:

Direct Observation (DO) is the best way to measure compliance. Fact: Small sample size with DO (only 1.2 – 3.5% of all events are captured)3 and the Hawthorne Effect leads to hand hygiene compliance rates overstated by up to 300%.4

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“We have come together with a common sense of purpose – to lead the change in the way hospitals measure hand hygiene. By adopting the innovative technologies now available, hospitals can improve hand hygiene, reduce avoidable infections and eliminate their associated costs.” – Paul Alper Chairman of EHCO

Mandatory Improvement:

With significant cuts to reimbursement fees ($94B by 2022) and penalties for poor quality (CMS Penalties), continuous improvement is mandatory. When 100% of hand hygiene events are captured, compliance can improve, risk of infections and penalties are reduced and costs are avoided.